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Feb 28, 2023

sfdgsdgsdg Dr. Kate Lund, a licensed clinical psychologist, peak performance coach, best-selling author and Tedx Speaker, joins us to discuss why failure is a good thing for our kids. WIth a specialized training in medical psychology, she uses a strength and evidenced-based approach to help parents and children build resilience so they can thrive in school, sports, and life. During Kate's childhood, she faced and eventually overcame a difficult childhood illness. she learned at an early age to believe in the possibility that exists on the other side of challenges.

Dr. Kate's best-selling book, 'Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive,' is available on Amazon and on Dr. Kate's website at:

Dr. Kate Lund's TEDx Talk 'Finding Ordinary Within the Extraordinary: The Superpower Children Need' is available on Youtube at: